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Northern hardwood forests occupy millions of hectares in the eastern United States and Canada, representing one of the most economically important and ecologically diverse forests in eastern North America. Northern hardwood silviculture is diverse and complex as well, and has been the focus of extensive research for over 80 years. Today, managers continue to seek innovative sustainable management solutions to address the expanding challenges facing this forest type, including serious threats such as invasive species, inadequate tree regeneration and shifts in composition, degraded timber quality, herbivory, climate change, nitrogen deposition, and forest fragmentation.

The 2023 Northern Hardwood Conference (NHC) will give researchers, academia, and forest managers from across the range of northern hardwoods a forum to learn, share, and discuss cutting-edge science and innovative management practices to sustain healthy and productive northern hardwood forests.

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2023: Leveraging Technology to Improve Silviculture and the Digitalization of the Value Chain

Forestry professionals met for a three-day in-person event. Two conference days, August 1st & 2nd, and a field day on the 3rd at the Fredericton Convention Centre.

The theme of the conference is “leveraging technology to improve silviculture and the digitalization of the value chain”; an innovative Canadian initiative in which New Brunswick will be the pilot landscape. This conference will illustrate key steps to the restoration and sustainability of hardwood and mixedwood forests in the northeast of North America. A showcase forest site will be used as a state-of-the art educational and training tool to demonstrate adaptive silviculture techniques focused on problem-solving and finding solutions at the operational level.

Published: 2023-10-31


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