Northern Hardwoods Research Institute's Silviculture Prescription System Workshop


  • Gaetan Pelletier Northern Hardwoods Research Institute Inc.


The Northern Hardwoods Research Institute (NHRI) has developed a simple framework that synthesises its body of knowledge and that of others so that practitioners can consider recommendations for harvest-based silviculture in mixed and hardwood stands. The Silviculture Prescription System (SPS) applies to stands in the Northeast that contain less than 30% softwoods. The NHRI’s Silviculture Prescription System is a 5-step process that starts with the description of a stand and ultimately recommends very specific treatments in forests that are dominated by hardwoods. It has a relatively narrow scope and is applicable mostly where a forest landowner choses to increase the monetary value of the woodlands through the production of timber. The NHRI Silviculture Prescription System was introduced in 2015 and its implementation was gradually undertaken in various stands of all tenure types in New Brunswick. From these trials, several improvements were recommended and led to the re-design of the SPS. Version 2.0 of the SPS was completed in January 2020. Improvements brought to our original SPS include: a simplified framework, anew nomenclature of silviculture systems to minimize confusion on two-aged/extensive systems (formerly called “Irregular Shelterwoods”),a more robust logic for treatment determination and, more information and tools for implementation. During the workshop, we will provide an overview of the SPS and illustrate its applicability using actual sample stands.

Author Biography

Gaetan Pelletier , Northern Hardwoods Research Institute Inc.

Executive director of the Northern Hardwoods Research Institute from its beginning, Gaetan also spent numerous years working for J D Irving Limited where he successively held various technical, R&D and managerial positions. He is Lean/six sigma trained and certified as well as well versed in AGILE and over the years, has developed leading edge practices and management strategies from planted stands to hardwood forests. Gaetan has a passion for developing management systems, promoting adaptive management and designing precision forestry tools to transform knowledge into solutions for practitioners. He leverages research to solve real problems and build solutions for the forest sector.