Future of Forestry


  • Doug Jones Remsoft


digitalization, optimize, resource management


This presentation aims to create awareness about the future of forestry and the need to embrace digitalization to address upcoming challenges, optimize resource management and ensure sustainable practices. By covering forestry obstacles, available resources, the people gap, service management, the role of hardwood, and with a global perspective, the audience gains insights into the potential solutions and opportunities for the future of the forest industry. 

Author Biography

Doug Jones, Remsoft

As President of Remsoft, Doug has top and bottom-line responsibility for both Remsoft Inc. and Remsoft Ltda., with oversight of sales and marketing. Over the past 20 years with Remsoft, Doug has impacted every aspect of our business operations and market development. He is seen as a thought leader in the forestry planning space and brings this deep understanding of forest industry trends and direction to overseeing Remsoft’s strategic direction and corporate growth. Doug holds a Masters in Forestry and worked in the forest industry in both Canada and the United States before joining Remsoft. Prior to his career in forestry, he was a professional hockey player.