Vehicle Concepts for the Photogrammetric Inspection of Hydroelectric Tunnels


  • Ryan Keizer Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick
  • Cody Bradley Bradley Engineering Ltd.
  • Lloyd Waugh Department of Civil Engineering, University of New Brunswick
  • Rickey Dubay Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick



Inspection, Photogrammetry, Hydroelectric Infrastructure, 3D Modelling, Robotic Systems


Photogrammetric inspections of hydroelectric infrastructure can provide a significant improvement to the understanding and potential prediction of defect and deterioration trends over time. Hydroelectric tunnel environments pose a unique set of challenges and constraints for performing these inspections and particularly to the required collection of images. This introduces the demand for an assistive system to aid in positioning the cameras in the required positions, which is often inaccessible or impractical to do manually. We have explored a collection of camera positioning vehicle concepts that complete the image collection process within a tunnel while reducing the required time and manual effort. Details on the constraints and criteria for the conceptualization of these designs, as well as the parameters for evaluation of potential performance and applicability are documented. A thorough comparison of these concepts leads to the conclusion of a design concept best suited to complete the inspection in a safe and efficient manner. Expanded details of this design demonstrate the systems ability to adapt to varying diameter tunnels while maintaining a stable and transportable design.




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