A Comparative Analysis of Design for Manufacturing And Assembly (DFMA) Implementation Challenges In On-Site Construction (ONSC) and Off-Site Construction (OSC)


  • Sadaf Montazeri ETS university, Canada
  • Sara Rankohi UQAM university, Canada
  • Ivanka Iordanova ETS university, Canada
  • Amirhossein Mehdipoor ETS university, Canada


Design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA), Off-site construction (OSC), On-site construction (OnSC), Productivity, Challenges


Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) offers a transformative approach to enhance productivity in the construction industry. Although the benefits of DfMA are widely recognized, challenges remain in the integration of its principles throughout the different stages of construction projects, which include both off-site construction (OSC) and on-site construction (OnSC). This paper presents a focused analysis of the challenges encountered in integrating DfMA into construction projects, with a particular emphasis on OnSC projects. Through a qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) approach and by using the literature review and expert interviews, this study conducts a comparative analysis between the identified challenges in OnSC and those common in OSC. By identifying the complexities of DfMA implementation in OnSC projects and conducting a comparative assessment with DfMA challenges in OSC, this study illuminates the evolving nature of DfMA practices. It sheds light on how these practices are adapting in response to the unique demands and characteristics of both OSC and OnSC. The results of this study have the potential to provide organizations with guidance for the successful implementation of DfMA strategies across all project phases, resulting in increased productivity. In doing so, the research contributes insights to the fields of construction management and innovation




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