Robotic Cell Design and Simulation System for Cross-Laminated Timber Panel Post-Construction Operations


  • Jessica Janeth Cisneros González SMART & Sustainable Manufacturing Systems LABoratory (SMART LAB)
  • Afia Rasool SMART & Sustainable Manufacturing Systems LABoratory (SMART LAB), Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta, 9211 116 Street, NW, Edmonton, AB T6G1H9, Canada
  • Ying Hei Chui Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G1H9, Canada
  • Rafiq Ahmad SMART & Sustainable Manufacturing Systems LABoratory (SMART LAB)


Robotic cell; Construction 4.0; Automation; Simulation; Mass Timber Construction


Mass timber, especially cross-laminated timber (CLT), is a sustainable and environmentally friendly construction material, that is attracting the attention of architects and engineers. Construction 4.0 is transforming the construction industry by integrating offsite methods and advanced technologies such as robotics and virtual simulation environments. Despite the current automation and use of machinery such as CNCs in construction sites, limitations arise due to the variability of construction projects. To address the gap in the precise cutting of CLT panels in the rapid offsite construction environment, this research explores the design process of a multi-robot cell using scaled components that mimic real-world construction scenarios within a controlled laboratory environment. To further ensure the efficacy of the design, this paper presents 3D models and simulations using © 2024 RoboDK software to validate the motion of the robotic cell in a virtual environment. Presented In this paper are the specifications of robotic cell development, along with a detailed analysis of the execution time the developed cell would take for real-time panel cutting.




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