Technology Application in Enhancing Safe Working Condition in the Construction Industry


  • Ayodele Alejo Sustainable Human Settlement and Construction Research Centre
  • C.O. Aigbavboa Sustainable Human Settlement and Construction Research Centre, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • D.O Aghimien 2 School of Arts, Design and Architecture, De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom


Construction industry; Construction sites; Construction safety; safety technology; Working condition


The construction industry is widely recognized for being very vulnerable to many risks, particularly those pertaining to health and safety. Despite the many efforts undertaken by all major industry players to increase awareness and raise the bar for health and safety in construction schemes, especially in developing countries, accidents still happen on construction sites. On both on- and off-site construction activities, safety processes, policies, and regulations may already be in place, but it is still up for debate how effective they are. This study, which is based on a traditional review, provides a review of several technology variables that have been investigated, proposed, and researched by many researchers globally. These variables are appropriate for creative and efficient use in working conditions on construction sites. These variables include safety inspection software, task-specific apps, digital safety auditing tools, and effortless wearable tech. It has been demonstrated that using technology can enhance overall construction safety management and lower the frequency of incidents that happen on construction sites. The information gathered can be utilized to pinpoint several of the applications which are applicable in developing nations' construction industries to guarantee secure working conditions. The proposed technology holds promise for drastically reducing the number of accidents that happen during on- and off-site construction operations, thereby enhancing working conditions and catapulting the construction industry in emerging nations to unprecedented heights.




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