GIS Based Solutions for Management Of Public Building and Infrastructure Assets: A Review of State of the Art and Emerging Technologies


  • Pavel Popov National Research Council of Canada
  • M. Hamed Mozaffari National Research Council of Canada
  • Seyedreza Razavialavi National Research Council of Canada
  • Farzad Jalaei National Research Council of Canada


Geography Information Systems, Public Assets, Asset Management, Building Information Modeling, Literature Review, Digitization


Building asset management is a complex endeavor that involves development, operation, maintenance, and disposal of large-scale costly assets that serve one or more significant functions. Recent and continuing developments in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) offer solutions to the significant challenges of integrating and visualizing asset management data, choosing development proposals, cost assessment, risk assessment, and maintenance strategies. Furthermore, GIS data is a common element among many types of projects; buildings and infrastructure assets, thus GIS technologies can have a significant and broad impact. Navigating the developments in GIS and how these developments can be leveraged by public authorities for asset management (AM) can be difficult and unclear. To this end this study performs a literature review on state of the art and emerging GIS technologies as they apply to public asset management. The aim is to provide public authorities with a means to understand the potential and the challenges of these GIS technologies in order to support more informed decision making. The main opportunities that these technologies provide to AM are examined. These include data integration, optimization of resource use, risk assessment, and improving decision making from reactive to proactive. This study will help make adoption choices of GIS technologies more informed and coherent which will allow the reduction benefits in cost, energy, and environmental impacts, to be more easily leveraged.



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