BIM-Driven Offsite Construction: Pathway to Efficiency, Functionality and Sustainability


  • Derrick Mirindi 1 School of Architecture and Planning, Morgan State University, USA
  • Frederic Mirindi Department of Economics, University of Manitoba, Canada


Building Information Modeling, Efficiency, Sustainability, Offsite construction, Artificial Intelligence


In the fast-paced world of construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is revolutionizing offsite construction, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, functionality, and sustainability. This study examines BIM's critical role in enhancing offsite construction, aiming to showcase its potential to transform construction practices towards better efficiency and environmental care. By analyzing data from observations, discussions, and digital sources, the research investigates BIM's impact on offsite construction. The findings reveal BIM's key role in addressing traditional offsite construction challenges, with examples like Autodesk Revit enhancing 3D modeling, Open Studio reducing energy modeling errors, and ArchiCAD optimizing design processes. Also, Autodesk Insight speeds up project completion through energy analysis, and Flixo promotes collaboration with thermal bridge analysis. These tools, including WUFI for moisture and sustainability analysis, highlight BIM's ability to tackle ecological issues. Additionally, the integration of AI in ArchiCAD and SketchUp further advances rendering capabilities. The study concludes that BIM is essential for achieving top efficiency, functionality, and sustainability in offsite construction. It urges stakeholders to embrace BIM fully, leading to a shift towards more sustainable and efficient construction methods. Recommendations based on results include investing in BIM development and promoting its widespread adoption. Future research should assess BIM's quantitative and qualitative impact, explore its accessibility, and investigate its long-term sustainability effects.




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