Testing a Prototype of Interactive Semantic Analyzer (PISA)


  • Jean-Claude Choul Montreal


This paper uses Borland's Turbo Prolog version 2.0 as a formalizing tool to test the basic assumptions of a Value Assignment Semantic Theory. A Prolog rule is conditional, just as a meaning assignment is a value attributed IF certain conditions are satisfied. Semantic analysis thus becomes the study of conditions governing a sense attribution. As a Prolog clause, meaning is a relation holding between two arguments of a sense predicate where metalinguisic equivalence is the most economical way of describing meaning.



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Choul, J.-C. (1990). Testing a Prototype of Interactive Semantic Analyzer (PISA). Papers from the Annual Meetings of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association (PAMAPLA) ACTES DES COLLOQUES ANNUELS DE L’ASSOCIATION DE LINGUISTIQUE DES PROVINCES ATLANTIQUES (ACAALPA)., 13, 47–59. Retrieved from https://conferences.lib.unb.ca/index.php/pamapla/article/view/394

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