A Basic Morphological Parser for Discourse Information Grammar


  • Alexandre Sévigny McMaster University
  • James McMullan McMaster University


Though many view the fundamental nature of language in terms of abstract rules applied to yield grammatical sequences, with meaning added in later, it is also possible to view language from what could be called the inverse perspective. In this perspective, the fundamental nature and purpose of language change from a rule-based approach to an information-based approach, where the fundamental purpose of language is to send, receive, store and represent information. Viewed from this perspective, grammar rules become over learned patterns and storage structures, the results of emergent properties of information accumulation and storage processes. In order to study language from this perspective, detailed attention must be paid to the lexicon: its nature, structure, content and role. This paper describes initial work undertaken toward analyzing language from an information-based approach.



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Sévigny, A., & McMullan, J. (2005). A Basic Morphological Parser for Discourse Information Grammar. Papers from the Annual Meetings of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association (PAMAPLA) ACTES DES COLLOQUES ANNUELS DE L’ASSOCIATION DE LINGUISTIQUE DES PROVINCES ATLANTIQUES (ACAALPA)., 28, 83–97. Retrieved from https://conferences.lib.unb.ca/index.php/pamapla/article/view/213

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