The Dictionary of Cape Breton English: From After to Zombie


  • William J. Davey Cape Breton University


The Dictionary of Cape Breton English is a regional dictionary that defines words and senses that are “native” to Cape Breton Island or are “distinctively characteristic” of Cape Breton English and Atlantic Canada. After a brief consideration of the scope of the dictionary, this paper examines how selected citations and the largest semantic domains of the terms defined in the dictionary reflect the social values of various communities on Cape Breton Island. Like the Dictionary of Newfoundland English and the Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English, the Dictionary of Cape Breton English gives special attention to words used in local industries that have become part of the regional lexicon. Terms from various semantic domains – industry, food, entertainment and social activities, and religion and beliefs – demonstrate some of the ways that the dictionary reflects the interests and values of various Cape Breton communities.



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