Technology to monitor everyday upper-limb prosthesis use – a review


  • Alix Chadwell
  • Dafne Morgado-Ramirez
  • Laurence Kenney
  • Laura Diment
  • Encarna Micó-Amigo
  • Malcolm Granat
  • Alex Dickinson


Real-world monitoring offers an objective way of exploring the everyday wear and use of upper-limb prostheses. To inform future developments in this field, a systematic literature review was undertaken, highlighting studies that monitored the activity of prosthesis-users during daily-living. Nine papers relating to the upper-limb were identified, and sixty relating to the lower-limb. Here we concentrate on the ways in which technologies have been utilised to assess the use of upper-limb prosthesis, whilst also drawing on the findings of the broader review to highlight potential uses of these measures, alongside the benefits and disadvantages of different approaches.




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A. Chadwell, “Technology to monitor everyday upper-limb prosthesis use – a review”, MEC Symposium, Jul. 2020.

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