A Wearable Sonomyography System For Prosthesis Control


  • Samuel Acuña
  • Susannah Engdahl
  • Ahmed Bashatah
  • Paul Otto
  • Rahul Kaliki
  • Siddhartha Sikdar


Sonomyography (SMG) is a promising alternative to electromyography (EMG) for extracting control signals from functional muscle activity in real time. SMG uses ultrasound imaging to non-invasively record superficial and deep muscle activity, making it possible to differentiate the independent contributions of individual muscles during functional movements. Previous challenges surrounding the miniaturization of ultrasound instrumentation have prevented exploration of SMG as a feasible modality for prosthesis control. In this paper, we describe our work developing a 4-channel wearable ultrasound system capable of tracking in vivo muscle interfaces using frequency-modulated continuous wave imaging.




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S. Acuña, S. Engdahl, A. Bashatah, P. Otto, R. Kaliki, and S. Sikdar, “A Wearable Sonomyography System For Prosthesis Control”, MEC Symposium, Aug. 2022.

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Myoelectric Control Algorithms