Characterizing Self-Reported Prosthesis Use in Everyday Tasks


  • Linda Resnik
  • Matthew Borgia
  • Allen Heinemann
  • Phillip Stevens
  • Pensheng Ni


A sample of 411 individuals with either unilateral or bilateral upper limb amputation (ULA) reported prostheses engagement when they performed a spectrum of common one- and two-handed tasks. We compared frequency of performing one- and two-handed activities by laterality (unilateral versus bilateral), by amputation level (for unilateral amputees), and by type of prosthesis used (for unilateral transradial amputees). A greater proportion of persons with bilateral amputations reported engaging their prosthesis in both one- and two-handed tasks. Those with more proximal amputation engaged their prostheses in fewer activities, and persons using myoelectric single degree of freedom devices engaged their prostheses in a greater proportion of activities as compared to those using other device types.




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L. Resnik, M. Borgia, A. Heinemann, P. Stevens, and P. Ni, “Characterizing Self-Reported Prosthesis Use in Everyday Tasks”, MEC Symposium, Aug. 2022.

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